Continued Expansion - 21 Countries

VoxboneBack in April 2011, we moved to a global tier 1 telecoms partner Voxbone), this shift was a huge success however they only had limited reach in New Zealand and Australia. Due to recent expansion by Voxbone we were able to add additional New Zealand and migrate old Australian dial-in numbers to Voxbone.

Australia had the below locations updated and our old numbers decommissioned.

Hobart 03 6121 4033
Darwin 08 8919 8611
Gold Coast 07 5610 2050
Newcastle 02 4036 3052
Wollongong 02 4204 8044

Our new Christchuch number is:

Christchurch 03-288 0084

We have also added an additional location Netherlands bringing our total reach to 21 countries.

Netherlands 085 888 0121

For timed conferences participants will receive the updated telephone lines in the next conference creation email. If you use a permanent conference room please distribute these numbers directly to your participants.

Our decommissioned numbers (Australia) will now give a message saying they have been decommissioned and will provide the new dial-in number to the caller.

Thanks for supporting our global growth,

Clint Davis, CEO.

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