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Our mission has always been to make the process of collaborating simple, accessible and cost effective, we have executed this mission by challenging large telco's pricing on business conferencing services, to supporting not for profits and charities with discounts, to enabling local dial-in number across 30 countries, and more recently dropping the price of outbound dialling.

Our partnership with Voxbone has allowed us to bring free web-based conferencing calling to our user base. This new facility is a web-based phone that allows a participant to join a teleconference from their computer or mobile phone.

This addition provides for the possibility of, free conference calls, where if all attendees are using the web phone, there would be no cost for the conference call.

Due to our recent release of a free recording and download, Greymouse is now a viable option for free teleconference calls for NFP’s, charities & community group conference calls.

While for businesses and governments, it provides another way to reduce the cost of conference calling, by allowing a blended mix of those participants that can use the web-based phones with those joining by dial-in or dial-out methods.

Browser support is as follows:

  • Chrome - Yes
  • Firefox - Yes
  • Chrome on Android - Yes
  • Edge  - No, hopefully MS Edge support this year, as the windows 10 creators update gets rolled out, and Edge’s WebRTC support is expanded.
  • iOS – No, Apple doesn't yet support WebRTC in its native browser, however, we have an iOS application on its way, thanks to Voxbone, that will enable iPhone users to join teleconferences using their data or wifi connections.
  • Internet Explorer - No, Microsoft recommends its customers move to using Edge for newer web-based technologies.

Joining a teleconference is as simple as clicking on the webphone link in the email invite, entering in your name and conference room number and clicking join.

If there is a conference pin set, select 'show dialpad' and enter the pin.

We are seeking feedback on this feature, how useful it has been for people, how have you reduced your teleconferencing spends.

This web phone capability also opens up the possibility of HD conferencing, as the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) only supports narrowband voice, something we will be exploring over the next few months based on the usage of the webphone, WebRTC platform.


About Greymouse Global

Greymouse Global has been a worldwide leader in low-cost teleconferencing services since 2008. With nearly 9 years of expertise in telecommunications and connectivity, we are entering 2017 with exciting plans to expand our service offerings.

Our team have a passion for helping organisations to connect in meaningful ways with their staff and customers. As innovative and creative thinkers, we love to lead the way with new technologies that help businesses around the world save money and improve their results.

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