Have Your Holiday, and Take Care of Your Clients

Dear valued customer, please don’t call us, we're exhausted and going on holiday!

Everyone loves this time of year, but most businesses will be confronting the balancing act between giving their staff an undisturbed break and still looking after their customers over the holidays. This week, the Greymouse Global team has been inundated with what we jokingly call the “please don’t call us during the holidays” emails.

You know what we are talking about, your inbox is full of them too. They start with something cheerful like “Merry Christmas, thank you for your business in 2016” and quickly turn to “Please don’t call us because we need a holiday too”.

Shutting down over the holidays can cost you customers, but the alternative isn’t pretty either – continuing to take every call over the holidays. This has a hidden cost – to your health, to your staff and your families.

This was the challenge that Greymouse Global faced several years ago, then successfully overcame.

The decision to change our out-of-hours support model was the single best decision we ever made.

In 2008 as a young Australian startup, it was easy for us to look after our small Australian customer base who all operated in our time zone. Most conference calls happened during our working hours, so a few personal interruptions in the evening was a small price to pay for the excitement of watching our baby of business grow.

After rapid growth in Australia in 2009, we boldly pursued our dreams of having a successful global business, and Greymouse Global started popping up across the world. With more customers in more time zones, the excitement of always being on calls soon ran thin. We quickly found ourselves stepping out of dinners, missing birthday parties and frustrating our families. Meanwhile, our customer service suffered, and we lost business to big multinationals. We knew that our international customers needed us to have an around the clock support team, but we were far from being able to afford it.

A couple of years and hundreds of grey hairs later, we decided enough was enough. Finally, we put in a system that ensured our customers got the support they needed, even while our office was closed. We were finally free of the dread and overnight burden of our international “always online” business.

The solution had been right in front of our eyes – Virtual Receptionists.

Employing our 24/7 team would have pushed our prices up and threatened our position as the best value teleconference provider, we discovered that we could cheaply and quickly deploy an army of Virtual Receptionist and Virtual Techies to take care of our customers when we couldn’t. Our customer service improved and our responses were better and faster. Best of all, we had peace of mind in knowing that our business and customers were in good hands at all times.

We were very familiar with the concept of accessing virtual receptionists, but we delayed setting it up for years. We thought that it would be far more challenging and expensive than it turned out to be. Getting started was as simple as a phone call to outsourcing experts and the expense was far less than the cost of losing the customers we were letting down.

When the Greymouse Global team are opening their presents and sitting down to a Christmas feast, our customers can feel free to call if they need anything. We don’t mind; in fact, we encourage it. There will be an army of customer service staff available to assist and an army of techies monitoring our systems. That army can take care of almost everything, and they know how to reach us in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Virtual Receptionists for your organisation – cheaper and easier than you think.

Would you like your army of Customer Service staff to answer your phones this Christmas?

With options starting from only $50, we could have you up and running in a matter of days.

Call 07 3118 9594 and speak to Shobna or Alisi now (yes now, the team is 24/7!) and tell them Greymouse Global sent you!  

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