It’s now free to record and share your teleconferences!

For many years, we have offered our customers the option to record their teleconference and share it with attendees who missed the call.

The feedback from our customers was unanimous – people love the record feature, but don’t love the per download fee.

Historically this has been a costly feature to deliver, however in response to customer feedback we are very pleased to announce that we are now able to offer recording and sharing for free!

You can select the recording feature when scheduling a conference call, or activate recording during a call via the Web Dashboard. Happy recording and sharing!


About Greymouse Global

Greymouse Global has been a worldwide leader in low-cost teleconferencing services since 2008. With nearly 9 years of expertise in telecommunications and connectivity, we are entering 2017 with exciting plans to expand our service offerings.

Our team have a passion for helping organisations to connect in meaningful ways with their staff and customers. As innovative and creative thinkers, we love to lead the way with new technologies that help businesses around the world save money and improve their results.


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