New Conference Type: Recurring Conferences

We have released the latest version of our control panel website. In this version, we have focused on releasing recurring conferences and updating the way we add conferences & send out emails to participants. We now use a two stage conference creation system with graphics to show what kind of conference to create (Timed, Permanent & Recurring)

How to use this new system:

The first step is to select the kind of conference you are creating:

Step 1:

After selecting the conference type you then get only get asked the settings applicable to that conference type. (Making it faster and easier to use)


Step 2:

In the second image, emailing participants has also altered, we now send emails to your participants with just one click. (The same click to create the conference) Editing conferences have also had a slight modification to update the participants of the changes & to update the series if you are using recurring conferences. We hope this update makes it easier to create and manage your conferences. Next, we will be adding those HTML emails to the system. Your comments are appreciated, let us know if you like this update.

Clint Davis
Greymouse Teleconference


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