Outbound dialing just got cheaper – up to 46% cheaper.

Following our mission to bring cost-effective communication and collaboration services to the world, we have just updated our outbound teleconference dialling rates, where in cases like New Zealand mobiles, have gotten 46% cheaper.

The outbound dial-in feature allows a conference moderator to, at conference booking time or during a conference call, dial-in a participant. The dial-out feature is like a toll-free service in reverse, where the participant doesn’t bear the cost of the call, as it’s an inbound call to their mobile or landline.

We find that moderators use this feature in two key ways:

  • As a Reminder service – Scheduling a conference in advance with dial-out numbers for each participant, acts as a reminder dialling participants into a conference two minutes before its due to start.
  • As an Ad-Hoc method – A participant forgetting about a call or while on a conference realising that a specific person should take part in the call, being able to dial them in without leaving or hanging up from the call helps keep the pace of the call.

Each account location has its own international dial-out pricing, priced in the local currency. Be sure to check out the new dial-out rates, from the pricing menu, for your local country.


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