Permanent vs Timed Conference – which is best?

The team meeting, monthly meeting, board meeting, project meeting.  We’re always out to talk to and collaborate with others – both in business and in our personal lives.

For business, we notice that these meetings seem to be more regular and scheduled on the same day each week, month or quarter.​

So what’s the best way to book your conference? A recurring timed conference, or a permanent conference room?

Well, let’s start with the main differences between the two services. 

A permanent conference room means that the ‘room’ is always available for you – great if you do lots of ad-hoc meetings, or if you time/day of your meetings tend to be fluid.  The downside is your ‘meeting room’ is always available, so other staff who have access to it may sneak in for their own calls.

A timed conference is a just that – a call that is booked for a set amount of time.  It is good if you want to control costs, and it is a good way to keep your calls secure.  The downside is you don’t have the convenience and flexibility of the permanent room.

So after all of that, what does your group need? Well if you're not sure, give us a call - we’re always here to help, every hour, every day. 

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