Reseller Services & Affiliate Update

GreymouseGlobal now offers a white label reseller program.

Our reseller program is designed for existing business operating in the telecommunications or business services space to increase revenue through a strategic partnership with Greymouse.

We are available to support resellers in over 55 countries around the world.

The business gets the ability to provide and charge for the use of Greymouse's global teleconference infrastructure and 24/7 service, this infrastructure is rebranded to include company's logos and without reference to Greymouse providing the service. This gives the reseller the ability to set their own pricing for the entire service.

We have already been working with resellers in the design of our system to meet their needs and we are open to suggestions or development work to cater for your billing system needs.

The beauty of the reseller service is that Greymouse manages every aspect of the system: 24/7 live chat and telephone support system & system maintenance, monitoring and upgrades. The reseller only needs to acquire new customers and provide the final invoice to the customer.

If you are applicable for the reseller opportunity please contact us to discuss further.

Affiliate Program Update

We are still in the re-design phase of the affiliate program and are looking for customers who are willing to provide feedback about the design of this system. This program allows an existing customer to share their experience of our service with credit provided for their efforts.

If you are interested in an affiliate program we would like to talk to you.

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