Skype Conference Supports up to 25 Participants - Why use Teleconferencing?

Skype for Windows supports up to 25 participants on a Skype Conference Call. While the host must be on Skype for Windows, participants can be on any version of Skype or be on a PSTN connection via SkypeOut.

So.. Why still use a Teleconferencing service?

  • Skype calls are placed over the internet. This requires the host to 'take the load' of the teleconference. (25 participant session requires a minimum 500 kbps upload speed at the host's connection. & requires that the host's computer has a fast CPU)
  • Skype has a basic feature set and not as many features as a hosted teleconference service:
  • There are no scheduling/reminder options through Skype.
  • Conference calls can not be recorded through Skype.
  • Skype does not offer live support.
  • Teleconference services can offer a participant 1800 Toll-Free number.


Skype's Conference Call feature is more appropriate for ad hoc or spontaneous, informal multi-party calls such as family calls. It's still a long way advanced from the "three party call" feature that is provided on your PSTN line. But when it's mission critical for business, Greymouse Teleconference is much more robust, feature rich and transparent to the meeting agenda.

Skype for Mac and Skype for Linux still continue to support hosting often participant conference calls. In practice, when you start a conference call, the conference call tab will state the maximum number of participants it will support (based on your system specifications and internet capability)

Skype might also not be the best move for your business, it's an open phone system and does not have the enterprise security and management your business may need and when interacting with customers they might also expect a more professional service than Skype.

Currently, a Skype user can use Skype out to call into our phone system.
(Cost of standard 7 cents/minute + the SkypeOut call costs)

We are currently working on a way to integrate Skype directly into our phone system (Greymouse Conference would be a user in your address book) so that the charge for using Skype to our teleconferencing service is dramatically reduced.

Update 2011-04-03:
We have achieved our Skype intergration goal.

Update 2017-06-04:
We have depreciated Skype in favour of our own free web conferencing product.
 Having this facility be free means that customers can have a free all web-based teleconference including recording.

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