Teleconference Affiliate Program Released

Greymouse Teleconference has now released our Affiliate program.

How Does It Work?

How our affiliate program works is we will pay you 10% of the sales from customers that you reffed to us. (for every conference those customers create) and it's for the lifetime of that customer. This feature available for existing users, and new users. - Users who are emailed through the Greymouse system to notify them of a conference automatically have the email address tagged under the sender's account. - There are also links and banners to choose from to put on your site. (And more will keep being developed.)

Payment Example:

If you have 4 business click on your website's link and book a conference every week with 6 participants for 1 hour. Then your account will get credited approximately $10 per week (Paid in $50.00 amounts)


UPDATE: To create a reseller or referral account please contact us.

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