Teleconference Service Update

Teleconference Control Panel Update

The Greymouse Teleconference Control Panel has been updated to allow for booking a permanent number, where invoices are sent out at the end of each month. This change still allows for one user account to host many conference rooms. With this change comes a new way of using the advanced features & passwords, they are hidden, to begin with, and the option to show them must be ticked on to use them.

PayPal Credit Card Integration

Our interface now shows when a conference has been paid or is pending payment, how much has been paid & when the amount is due. We can now accept payments through Visa, Mastercard & PayPal through this system. The link to the online payment system is located on the PDF invoice sent out or inside of the control panel under finished conferences.

Pricing Plan Update

We are now providing even lower prices. Our service starts at 7¢/min per line. And our not for profit plans have also been updated to reflect the new pricing structure. All existing users have already been switched across to this new pricing model, and new teleconferences created will have the updated plan price.

Extra dial-in number in Adelaide

Customers have requested dial-in number in Adelaide. This has also been added (08 8463 1556)

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