Teleconferencing and Natural Resources – what’s the link?

Yesterday published an article about Earth Overshoot Day. What's that? Well, that’s the day we run out of our ‘budgeted’ natural resources for the year.  From that day, we are eating into next years ‘budgeted’ amounts. And, Australia is the worst offender – our use of natural resources is the highest in the world compared to other countries.

So what does this have to do with teleconferencing? Well, teleconferencing offers people a way to meet as a group and discuss what’s needed. 

What if Australia could utilise teleconferencing and reduce their travel by just 10% or 20% the impact on the consumption of natural resources would be very positive! 

What’s more is that we also offer international conference lines and meeting rooms.  So scrap the long flights and downtime caused by travel, and start saving your employees time, and your company money! And with that, the environment will win too.




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